STRUM | Japanese leather brand.



Burn-up BURN UP processing
~ Hybrid processing with both charred dye and soot ~

White tanned and finished leather sewn into the product mold

Ignite by spraying a mixture of dye and high-concentration alcohol.

Just like Burning Dyed, you can burn the dye and dye it light gray at the same time.

The soot that comes out when it burns is randomly added to the whole.

It is a process that combines the unique unevenness of Burning Dyed with the soot pattern of BURN OUT, and also shows a new look.

It is a work with an exquisite wild feeling and an elegant atmosphere, while having an expression that seems to have come out of a really burning fire.

Again, as you wear it, the shades become clearer, and cracks are created to match the texture and tiger.

It is a process that you can enjoy aging.