Three reputable leather jacket models - Pit-tanned Shrunken Horsehide - SPEEDER Edition

Three reputable leather jacket models - Pit-tanned Shrunken Horsehide - SPEEDER Edition

One of the most popular leather jacket models from the 2022 S/S collection, pit-tanned shrink horsehide PICK UP "SPPEEDR" (speeder)!

One of the most reputable leather jacket models from STRUM's collection, "SPEEDERPit-Tanned Shrunken Horsehide We would like to introduce " SPEEDER ", one of the most popular leather jackets in STRUM's collection.

Pit-tanned Shrunken Horsehide SPEEDER Feature 1: The flap belt is eye-catching. STRUM No.1 popular model

Based on the so-called cyclone type, the buckle is in the rear, so it is almost invisible from the front, and a leather part surrounds it like a belt around the hem, with a flap that protects the zip from contact with motorcycle tanks and other objects.

The left body has two pockets, one vertical and one horizontal, but the right body has no vertical pockets and has horizontal pockets, and the collar is smaller than the previously introduced HI-FLYER, but there are many colors in STRUM that are not this small or large.

The underarm gussets allow for a wider range of arm motion, and the design is designed with comfort in mind while maintaining a tight look.

Feature of pit-tanned shrink horsehide SPEEDER②: We dare to use only horsehide with a lot of scars especially, and by shrinking it, the natural graininess is accentuated.

We dare to use only horsehide with many scratches and shrink it to half the normal size ( from about 2m to 1m ) to accentuate the natural graininess.
This unique grain and unevenness gives the Riders a more rugged, masculine look.

The zipper is made by RACCAGNI CHIUSURE LAMPO of Italy, and the eco plating makes the leather shining and gives it a mode atmosphere.

Feature of pit-tanned shrink horsehide SPEEDER③:Fitting silhouette and size are only possible with this leather.

Most STRUM leathers are 8mm, but this horsehide is 9mm.
This leather, which means " Shrink " in English, will feel dense, thick, and firm to the touch.
The leather is also very durable and thick to the touch, and you will feel its firmness. This is also a point that leather lovers will not be able to resist.

The leather also has a stretchy appearance that is unique to this type of leather, making it about half a size larger than the standard JAPAN OIL CALF series.

Enjoy Fashion!

     STRUM STAFF Ryoko

Model: 178cm/55kg

STL064-01 (Wearing size M)

STC140-01 (size M)

STJ002-TS05 (Wearing size 32 inches)