MAD WHITE REVOLT has arrived

MAD WHITE REVOLT has arrived

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"Aldehyde Tanned Deerskin" MAD "Riders Jacket / Pure White", which became a hot topic at the same time as the announcement of the collection, has arrived.

Not only the unique shape like the neck warmer docked, but also the texture finished in pure white with formalin tanning is a leather jacket that gives off a unique atmosphere.

You can purchase it at FLAGSHIP SHOP , directly managed online stores , and dealers nationwide from 12:00 on October 16th (Friday).

Aldehyde Tanned Deerskin "MAD" Riders Jacket / Pure White

Formalin tanned in a pure white finish in a bare state.

Formalin tanned leather made from deer skin raw leather in Japan.
Normally, most white leather has a titanium pigment on the surface, but by formalin tanning, it is finished in a pure white state.

Like chrome tanning, it has a chewy texture, softness and suppleness.

Leather Model ID: MAD

A new model MAD that combines snood and riders, which were popular last year, and also has a liner that can be attached and detached with cashmere fur on the back of the collar.

Various ways of wearing are possible by opening and closing the zipper.

At the same time, "WHITE REVOLT" was completed.
We will ship today to everyone who has made a reservation at OFFICIAL STORE.


As with BLACK REVOLT, the shaft of the sneaker is cut off once and re-sewn to accentuate the cut-off part.

Black pigment is hung on the entire WHITE sneakers to create a mesh pattern, and then the entire sneaker is coated with titanium pigment. Furthermore, from the top, it is stained with black pigment and splashed, so that even white sneakers can be worn without worrying about stains.

In order to eliminate the hassle of putting on and taking off the high cut, the center is equipped with an Italian ZIP Raccagni and a removable ZIP tongue using cowhide, and knitted with deer leather lace.

At the point, steel studs made by American Standard Companies were driven into the tip of the tongue.

The leather tongue can be removed and attached to another sneaker.

It will be on sale from 12:00 on October 16th (Friday) at FLAGSHIP SHOP , directly managed online stores , and dealers nationwide .

Please check it out.