The following points will be issued when you register as a member of our shop and make a purchase after logging in.

Point issuance rules

 Target of use Total product price
 Treatment after the decimal point Truncate


 How to use points 

1. When you log in as a member, an icon will be displayed at the bottom right.




2. Click to open a box showing your username and the number of points you have.




3. Points can be used "when the product for which you want to use points is in the cart". After adding the product to the cart, move to another screen (cart screen, etc.) and click the icon again to display the screen below.




4. Enter the point you want to use in the "Points to use" field.




5. When you press the "Use points" button, the number will be reflected in the "Created discount". This completes the procedure for using points.




6. Discounts are not reflected on the cart screen. If you are satisfied with your order, please click the "Go to order procedure" button.






7. When you enter the order screen, the difference after using points will be reflected.




8. Please note that points cannot be used in combination with other coupons.