STRUM ~Strum ~Stirring

Designer Kazuki Kuwahara

By continuing to strum as I wish, even if it is poorly done,
I named it STRUM with the thought that my own style will become first-class.

My thoughts are connected and become a form.

From tanning to dyeing, processing, and finishing,
we pursue unparalleled leather that makes the most of the characteristics and texture of leather.

Beautiful silhouettes and stress-free comfort when worn.
Emphasis is placed on functionality and attention is paid to every detail.

The designer's clothes and accessories are simple, yet evocative of the sounds and images
that connect them to each other.

Creating products that make the most of the natural
expression of leather.

Creating with tanneries
"Tradition" and "Innovation" leather

STRUM uses "un-dyed" leather, which brings out the natural beauty of leather to the fullest
and finishes it with dyes.
We work with tanneries in Himeji and Sumida
that have been carrying on skilled craftsmanship for a long time.
We make leather by tanning, dyeing and even finishing. We also use traditional Japanese techniques, dyeing and finishing.
We also take pride in our traditional Japanese techniques and production background, and
the entire production process is done in Japan.

Making the most of the beautiful expression of "natural leather"

In the leather industry, "cosmetic leather"
that is pigmented to hide scratches or coated with
color retardants is only used when there is a special intention
spoil the texture of the leather.
Natural leather has
different wrinkles and flaws.
Each piece of leather has a different expression, and
we continue to challenge ourselves every day to create the one and only "your own leather jacket"
that you will love and cherish.

A "buddy" that marks the wearer's life

The leather is well oiled and the more you wear it, the more oil seeps out of the leather.
Basically, you can wear it without any maintenance.
The leather will grow with the wearer's life, and even scratches and stains will become a part of its character.
Please enjoy its unique change over time.


Commitment to leather tanning

STRUM's leather jacket tanning process is divided into two major categories: one is "vegetable tanned" leather, which gets better the more you use it, and the other is "chrome tanned" leather, which is lighter, softer and more flexible.
The two series are divided into two.


Vegetable tanned

Vegetable tanned" is a tanning process using plant astringent, which takes time and effort.
The more you use it, the softer it becomes, and the deeper the luster and taste come out. It is a series that is worth growing up.


Chrome tanning

This is a tanning method using chromium agent.
Compared to tannin-tanning, it takes less time to tan a leather, and it is softer and stronger from the beginning.
It is said that it is harder to produce gloss and taste compared to tanning tanned leather, but
with our original tanning and drying method, we can produce gloss and taste as good as tanning tanned leather.

Chrome-tanned leather is used for thinly strained or those that require strength.
This is a series for adults that can be worn without hesitation and has both delicacy and elegance.

Love for materials

Gratitude for inheritance

Since primitive times, humans have lived by eating meat and wearing leather.
The meat culture continues to this day.
We believe it is important to transform the "skin" produced as a byproduct into "leather"
and make effective use of it without waste.

Living with Leather

Clothes that can be worn for a long time, rather than thrown away after one season.
Clothes that will be loved and handed down from generation to generation.
When I wear a leather jacket, I feel taller and stronger.
The animal's original scratches and wrinkles are utilized as proof of its life.
And we will create leather products with love and mission for leather, which is a material that will return to the soil again.