[Until 24:00 on November 23] 2021 S / S WEB advance reservation.

[Until 24:00 on November 23] 2021 S / S WEB advance reservation.


There are only a few items left until the end of the online advance reservation, where you can always get the item you want.

Holding period: Until 24:00 on Monday, November 23

We are also accepting custom orders for leather wear.
(Fine adjustment of sleeve length and length)

Depending on the item, you can make a reservation from XS to XXL.

In addition to the main leather items, the 2021 S / S has a full lineup of JEANS series using organic cotton, including shirts and cut-and-sew using original prints and fabrics.

The popular GUN BLUE is back from STRUM's pronoun Burning dyed.

We will also release more models of the "Full Tannin Pit Tanned" series, which was well received last season, with the horse side shrunk to nearly half to emphasize scratches and grain.

2021 S / S Advance reservation special page

In addition, 2021 S / S YouTube video is released.

The designer will introduce you to some of the leatherwear that is currently accepting pre-orders.

We will explain in detail the processing, features, and dressing of leather, so please have a look.

STRUM YouTube channel "I'M STRUMMER"