The last limited item of the year

The last limited item of the year

The limited item that concludes the end of 2020 is still a leather jacket.

As the last work of this year, STRUM's proud "Burning dyed" limited color "RUST BLACK" leather jacket was produced in a limited edition of two.

It will be on sale only at directly managed stores and directly managed online stores from 18:00 on Saturday, December 26th.

Calf tannin garment dyeing + burning dyed Limited color "RUST BLACK" long coat / M size

No. STL048-03LD
¥ 200,000 (+ TAX)

SIZE shoulder width Width Length Sleeve Length
M 45cm 49cm 92cm 65cm

Calf tannin garment dyeing + burning dyed limited color "RUST BLACK" Single riders jacket / S size

No. STL048-01LD
¥ 180,000 (+ TAX)

SIZE shoulder width Width Length Sleeve Length
S 43cm 47cm 63cm 65cm

Burning Die Limited Color "RUST BLACK"

The coat and single riders dyed in BROWN like dyeing leather in a drum, and then dyed in BLACK with a burning die.

Normally, the burning dyed for BLACK is hard to get uneven burning, and it was difficult to express the color black, but by dyeing the base with brown and then burning dyed, an exquisite unevenness is created, it is like black. It expresses "RUST BLACK", which looks like the iron on the skin has rusted due to aging.

It is a truly unique leather item that has a vintage feel due to swelling and twisting due to garment dyeing with Tyco, and a unique charring unevenness due to burning dye.

Please try to pick up the color and texture of only two clothes in the world.

* Comes with a Special Limited certification tag using pit horse shrink.

KEY COVER Present.

We are giving away a Session leather key cover from "STRUM" to express our gratitude.

Period: Until January 11th (holiday)

During the period, one gift will be given for each order. (Can be used any number of times per person)
* Limited quantity. The gift plan will end as soon as the key cover runs out.
* The type of leather is assorted.

Session "Key cover"

The Italian shoulder and full tannin pit tanned horse shrink, which are also used in the works of STRUM and Session, are used.

Italian shoulder

Horse shrink

It is a discerning key cover that is hand-sewn one by one and polished to the edge (the edge of the leather).