Pit tanned horsehide "SPEEDER"

Pit tanned horsehide "SPEEDER"


STRUM 2021 Spring / Summer Collection

"Pit full tanned shrank horsehide" which can be said to be the new face of STRUM.

"SPEEDER", which was particularly well received at the pre-order event, has arrived.

It is a rider's jacket that can be worn stylishly while having a bone-like appearance like dyed products.

You can purchase it at FLAGSHIP SHOP , directly managed online stores , and dealers nationwide from 12:00 on March 10 (Wednesday).

Pit Full Tanned Shrank Horsehide SPEEDER Double Riders Jacket

Leather that has a bone-like appearance but also emphasizes comfort, with a scratchy and grainy look that gives it an impactful look.

Horse leather raw leather is dipped in a pit tank in Japan and tanned leather is used.

Taking advantage of the characteristics of horse leather with many scratches, using only horse leather with many scratches, it takes a long time of about 3 months in the pit tank to tan full tannins.

While applying heat, turn it with a tyco, shrink it to half the normal size (2m → 1m) and shrink it to give it an impactful look with scratches and grain.

It is full tannin and has a bone-like appearance, but by adding a lot of oil, it has elasticity and suppleness, and it is a leather that emphasizes comfort.


SPEEDER is a model with an impressive chest, diagonal pockets on the left arm, and back joints.

The buckle is a STRUM original buckle.
The fastener is made by Raccagni of Italy.

A gusset is put on the side to raise the range of motion.

It will be on sale from 12:00 on March 10th (Wednesday).

You can purchase it at FLAGSHIP SHOP , directly managed online stores , and dealers nationwide.


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