Full Tannin Pit Tanning Shrink Horsehide "Riders Boots"

Full Tannin Pit Tanning Shrink Horsehide "Riders Boots"

Among the boots of STRUM, it is no exaggeration to say that "Riders boots" is a masterpiece.

Boots made using "Pitful Tannin Shrink Horsehide", which is popular among various leathers handled by STRUM, have arrived.

The elegant, bone-like and rough look of the silver surface gives a more formal impression than the previous work, but it also has a masculine and mode feeling.

Furthermore, it is characterized by its lightness and comfort as if wearing sneakers, even though it is boots.

Of course, the manufacturing method is the Goodyear Welt manufacturing method, which allows you to replace the sole and use it for a long time.
As usual, the sole is # 4014 from Vibram, Italy.
ZIP uses YKK Excella, which has high durability as before.

From casual to formal, these boots can be worn like sneakers.