Directly managed limited leather cap & narrow belt

Directly managed limited leather cap & narrow belt

This is an announcement of the start of sales of directly managed limited items.

We have released two types of leather caps, which are announced irregularly, and a custom belt with SILVER 925 studs on the standard STRUM belt "Narrow Belt".

Both are reserved items scheduled to be shipped from late August to early September.

As the quantity is limited, we will stop accepting applications as soon as they are sold out.

Strummer Leather Cap
¥ 23,100

A new leather cap that is announced irregularly .

New Zealand Lamb Full vegetable tannin leather is used. Since it is finished with plenty of oil, it is characterized by the fact that when it is rubbed, it becomes atari and when it is used, the fluffy taste increases.

"Strummer" embroidery is put on the crown part, and German silver pickguard parts, which is the new icon of Strum, are placed on the edge part of the visor.

A luxurious leather cap that uses leather for the adjuster and top button.

Product number: STG043-01 BLACK / FREE
Price: ¥ 23,100 (tax included)
Quantity: Limited to 25
Delivery time: Scheduled from the end of August to the beginning of September

¥ 24,200 / ¥ 31,900 / ¥ 39,600

Directly managed limited item with SILVER 925 studs.

"Japan Full Tannin Steer Shoulder Narrow Belt" is STRUM's standard belt, which is made by embossing the leather on the shoulder and then shaving it to reverse the unevenness so that the pattern emerges each time it is used.

This narrow belt is a custom item limited to directly managed stores, with SILVER 925 studs, which have been an icon since the early days, struck into the tip of the sword as if they were stars.

1 STAR, 3 STAR, 5 STAR and 3 versions are available.

Product number: STG026-04-S1 / S2 / S3 BLACK / FREE
Price: ¥ 24,200 / ¥ 31,900 / ¥ 39,600 (tax included)
Quantity: Limited to 20
Delivery time: Late August

Please check it out.

STRUM Official Store IGTV
7/24 (sat) 19:50-START

This time, we will introduce the leather cap, silver star narrow belt, and the leather items of the staff, which are open for reservation on the 22nd.

IGTV distribution once every two weeks.
This time, I will send it on Saturday night.

Please take a look.

We look forward to your questions and comments.

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