2021 A/W "N.W.O" START

2021 A/W "N.W.O" START


Delivery has started.

At the same time, all the looks of the collection are released.
You can see it from the following link.

STRUM 2021 Autumn / Winter Collection

The first arrival of the collection is STRUM's representative model "RAVEN" and 2 types of shirts using leopard print fabric with calm color.

Available from today at FLAGSHIP SHOP and online store and dealers nationwide Japan Oil Calf RAVEN is now on sale at

Japan Oil Calf RAVEN
Double Riders Jacket

The RAVEN is a standard double rider's jacket with an impressive double zipper and gussets on the sides to increase the range of motion.

By keeping the fasteners on the pockets and cuffs inconspicuous, the double fastener and hook buttons on the front stand out in this elegant model.

It is available in sizes S to XL.

About STL045 series
Oil calf STL045 series has been continued as a standard item, but the supply of the base material at the tannery where the leather is made has become severe, and it will be released only this time.
We are planning to release the oil calf series with different base material, but this time will be the last time to produce it with this base material.
If you are thinking of purchasing STL045 series, please take this opportunity to consider it.

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STC142 Series

This series uses velour with a leopard print woven with 50 denier filament yarn (continuous filament yarn).

The leopard print has an image of being flashy, but it is not too hard because of its calm color and soft fallen look, making it a mature leopard shirt.

50 Denier Leopard Print
Velour Western Shirt

STRUM's western shirts have been released for many years while continuing to evolve.

It features a slightly loose silhouette and a unique flap shape that conforms to the body.

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Organic Cotton Amundsen x 50 Denier
Leopard Print Velour Western Shirt

This western shirt is made with a combination of organic cotton amundsen (pear-skin weave with a fine uneven texture like the skin of a pear) using uneven yarn and nep yarn.

The collar is larger and rounder than STRUM's standard shirt, and the piping is done in various places to create a stylish and dressy design.

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From now on, leather jackets, denim, woven, etc. will be in stock one after another.

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