2021.8.7 Release.

2021.8.7 Release.


STRUM 2021 Autumn / Winter Collection

This is a notification of the arrival of new products.

From 12:00 on Saturday, August 7th, it will be on sale at FLAGSHIP SHOP , directly managed online stores , and dealers nationwide.

Japan Oil Calf SLATER
Single riders jacket

SLATER is the standard for single riders, with a narrow belly and a slightly narrowed waist, and a gusset on the side to increase the range of motion.

We have sizes from S size to XL size.

* About STL045 series
The oil calf STL045 series has continued as a standard item, but due to the strict supply of the base material by the tanner that makes leather, it will be released only this time.
The oil calf series will be announced with a different base, but this is the last production on this base.
If you are considering purchasing the STL045 series, please take this opportunity to consider it.

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Fujiet uneven dyeing
Dress shirt

This is a plain woven fabric that uses untwisted rayon filament yarn (long fiber yarn) for the warp yarn and rayon spun yarn (spun yarn) for the weft yarn, and is dyed unevenly like a tie dye.

Because of uneven dyeing, each one looks different.

It is called Fujiet because it has light ridges on the surface of the cloth and has a fluffy feel that resembles Fuji silk.

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30 /-Natural Soft Tenjiku
Crew neck long sleeve T-shirt

Using 30 /-cotton yarn, we use a soft and bulging knitted fabric.

It is a tenjiku that does not easily lose its shape, is easy to handle, and has both stability and functionality suitable for daily wear.

This time, the length has been extended by 3 cm and improved, and it has become a standard as an inner that is useful for all 5 styling.

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Low gauge stretch
Kanoko double jersey T-shirt

A double-faced material with a thick yarn and a low gauge knitted with Kanoko knitting, so it has a rough and moderate surface feeling, but the back surface that hits the skin is knitted flat.

It is a cut-and-sew that is rich in stretchability, contrary to the voluminous appearance, comfortable to wear, and soft to the touch.

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Low gauge stretch
Kanoko double jersey
Henry neck t-shirt

Henry neck design with spring hooks to reinforce the neck with fabric.

The relaxed silhouette is slightly loose, with the classic cut-back on the shoulders and ribbed cuffs.

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You can purchase it at FLAGSHIP SHOP , directly managed online stores , and dealers nationwide.


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