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Stretch cotton poly
Velor processed knit series

A knit material that has a special brushed back surface like velor to achieve the highest quality feel.

It is a new color and new release of the material that was well received at 2020 A / W.

The front side is made of cotton thread, and the expression of the natural material is cherished. The back side is specially brushed like velor, and the knit fabric is used to achieve the highest quality feel.

The brushed back side does not generate pills or lose hair, and is easy to handle.

This series features heat retention that is comparable to functional materials and a supple feel.


A raglan sleeve with a special pattern that looks like a set-in sleeve at first glance.

The front top is set high and finished in a shape that protrudes forward, giving it a moderately tight silhouette.

EXCELLA is used for the fastener.

The area around the hood, the zipper, the cut-back sleeves, and the ribbed hem are trimmed to give an edge.

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Based on the big pullover hoody released every season, the details have been reconstructed.

While maintaining the wide size, parts like a turtleneck are placed inside the hood, and the pattern is configured so that it looks like a mask when the hood is worn.

The front and back balance has been adjusted compared to before, and the length has been renewed a little longer.

It is an impressive design with a step in the length to match the normal shoulder position.

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Elegant jersey pants that make the most of the material.

In 2021 A / W, the hem is changed to a tight rib specification and released.

We are particular about the balance between the crotch part and the inseam, and the waistline is finished in a neat and elegant silhouette.

The ease of movement of the jersey pants and the finest touch of the material combine to achieve the best comfort.

By making all the pockets slash pockets, it is finished in casual but stylish sweatpants.

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GRAND BUGGY is STRUM's new baggy jeans, which have a deep rise and a generous taper, with gimmicks like remakes and attention to stitches and threads.

Since it has a taper, there is little dub, and it is possible to wear it stylishly even though it is wide.

The side is designed to be cut once and joined with one wash denim fabric.

It is expressed not by remake but by product processing.

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TIGHT JOE, STRUM's classic tight straight jeans, has a vintage-like discoloration that does not look like stretch denim, a USED feel due to three-dimensional processing, and even the stitches and threads.

It is a new color BLACK USED processed version.

Pursuing the look that has been worn for many years, it is finished on an elegant surface without unnecessary toppings and stains.

For three-dimensional processing, we use water three-dimensional that does not put a burden on the fabric.

It will come off when you put it on, but it will help you to get a clean hit.

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USED processing model of TIGHT JOE.

The coin pockets are arranged diagonally.

The pocket mouth is accented with German silver parts designed with the motif of the telecaster type pickguard that JOE STRUMMER used to love.

All belt loops have loops that allow you to hook key chains and chains.

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One wash model of TIGHT JOE.

STRUM's classic tight straight jeans that have been subjected to one wash and three-dimensional processing, and are packed with attention to stitches and threads.

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