2021.9.25 Release.

2021.9.25 Release.


We are pleased to announce the arrival of new products.

The new products are now on sale at FLAGSHIP SHOP, directly-managed online store and dealers nationwide from 12:00 p.m. on Saturday, September 25th.

SPEEDER", one of our most popular full-tanner pit-tanned series, is now available in a new color, BLUE, as well as in a sold-out BLACK.

From our new leather series, "Japan Cow Glazed Suede Series", we have released "VINCENTS" and new type "TRUMPER".

The new semi-single "JAY" made of French horsehide with semi-shiny and moist texture, the new standard regular straight jeans "1977", and the hard used processing of "SKINNY JOHN" are the full lineup releases.


Scratches and grainy texture give this leather an impactful look that is both bony and comfortable to wear.

The leather is tanned by soaking raw horsehide in a pit tank in Japan.

Taking advantage of the characteristic of horse leather with many scratches, we use only horse leather with many scratches and tanned it in the pit tank for about three months.

The leather is then shrunk to half of its normal size (2m to 1m) by turning it with a tycoon while applying heat, and the scratches and grainy texture give it an impactful look.

The leather is full tannin, and has a bone-like appearance, but by including a lot of oil, it has elasticity and suppleness, and is leather that also emphasizes comfort.

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The suede surface is randomly crushed by hand-applied wax for a rough look.

The leather is made from raw cowhide leather that has been chrome-tanned in Japan.

After tanning and dyeing, wax is applied to the suede surface by hand, and the suede surface is randomly crushed to give it a rough look.

Glazing is usually done on the surface to make it shiny and smooth, but by using hard wax on the suede surface, the bruised part has a unique luster and burnt taste, and the contrast with the fluffy part shows a unique expression.

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The new TRAMPER is an oversized jacket that can be worn over a rider's jacket while incorporating hunting jacket details.

The collar is designed similar to a jacket collar and can be worn as a single collar when the top button is stopped.

It's made from the same Japan Cow glazed suede as the STL068-02.

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The new JAY semi-single rider combines the advantages of single and double riders in a form that is more like a single rider.

The front zipper, while leaning to the right like the double, is at a slight angle.

Like the RAVEN, the double zipper gives off a sense of presence, the single collar is set higher than usual, the flap is eliminated, and the button is placed in the center.

The length is longer than SLATER, and the hem is rounded for a stylish finish.

Made from horsehide with a semi-shiny, moist texture.

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The 1977 is STRUM's new standard regular straight jeans with a deep crotch and gentle taper that stands out for its vintage-like color fading, three-dimensional processing for a USED look, and attention to detail to the stitching and thread that doesn't look like stretch denim.

In pursuit of a look that has been worn in for many years, the jeans are finished to an elegant surface without unnecessary toppings or stains.

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It is a hard used processing model of SKINNY JOHN.

The image of the used feeling worn hard for many years, in addition to the normal real used processing, the processing which strengthens the stain and the shade is given to the whole including the hem.

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