2022 S / S advance reservation

2022 S / S advance reservation


"Strum" "Session" 2022 SPRING / SUMMER EXHIBITION "LOSE IT" -GENUINE LEATHER & ORGANIC COTTON JEANS- Pre-orders will be held at stores and online stores on the following dates.

This time, there is a variety of new colors for burning dies, a new expression method for the burning dies series, new pit tannin horse shrinks, new colors, and leather jackets made from leather buried in the soil that was distributed on Youtube. It is a collection that flew to.

In addition, the width of the JEANS series using organic cotton will be further expanded, and new materials and new models will be announced, along with shirts and cut-and-sew that match leather and jeans.

It will be a valuable opportunity to see the entire collection, so please join us.

As it is made to order, you can reserve items of the desired color and size.

Regarding leather wear, we will provide a service to fine-tune the sleeve length and length in the desired size, which is also the real pleasure of the STRUM reservation meeting. (Free) If you are looking for leather wear that suits your body, please come.

When making a reservation, payment of the full or half price of the product will be completed. (Credit card accepted)


[DATE] October 16th (Sat) / 17th (Sun) / 18th (Mon), 2021
* Anyone is welcome to participate in this schedule.
* This season, we will hold a reservation meeting for 3 days.

[TIME] 12:00 – 20:00

2-3-1, Higashiyama, Meguro-ku, Tokyo STRUM SECTION 1F

・ 10 minutes walk from Nakameguro Station on the Tokyu Toyoko Line
・ Shibuya Station Tokyu Bus No. 33 Bus Stop [Shibu 41] bound for Oimachi Station, [Shibu 41] bound for Osaki Station West Exit Bus Terminal, get off at "Sugekari Elementary School" and walk 1 minute


[Period] From Saturday, October 16, 2021 12:00 to Wednesday, November 14, 24:00
* The URL of the reservation page will be published on the top page of the day.

We look forward to your visit.

* Regarding reservation

* Regarding payment
When making a reservation, we will keep half or all of the product price as a reservation fee.

* Regarding payment method
Store: Cash, credit card, PayPay are accepted.
Online store: You can choose from credit card, PayPal, and bank transfer.

* Regarding receipt (in the case of over-the-counter reservation)
We will contact you by phone after the product is completed.
At that time, you can choose to receive it at the store or deliver it by shipping.

* Regarding receipt (in the case of online reservation)
We will contact you by email after the product is completed and ship it.
If you make a reservation with full payment, we will ship it in advance, and if you make a reservation with half payment, we will ship it by cash on delivery, which is the sum of the other half price and the cash on delivery fee.

* Regarding custom orders
For leather wear, we can adjust the sleeve length and length based on each size. (free)
This is a valuable opportunity to make a full order (a separate pattern make-up fee is required) that perfectly fits your body size.