2021.10.9 Release.

2021.10.9 Release.


Notification of new product arrival.

From 12:00 on Saturday, October 9th, it will be on sale at FLAGSHIP SHOP , directly managed online stores , and dealers nationwide.

Leather down blouson "TUAREG" using French horsehide finished in semi-glossy and moist texture, new coverall "BULLET" which imaged a single riders jacket from STRUM JEANS, western denim shirt "TRAVIS" which has been improved It's a release.


Uses chrome-tanned leather made from French raw leather in Japan.

After tanning with OIL added with an emphasis on flexibility, the same amount of OIL is added and dyed, resulting in a semi-glossy and moist texture.

TUAREG has realized a warm and stylish leather down jacket by dropping the high neck details of MAD and using a sheet-shaped down called THIN DOWN made in Italy.

The uniquely shaped neck, which is the most distinctive feature, can be changed in impression by opening and closing various parts.

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Turkish organic virgin cotton is used for both vertical and weft threads. A 5.3oz light, thin denim fabric with 20 /-threads and 2/1 twill weave, making it a stress-free coverall.

BULLET is a light ounce coverall from STRUM that combines single riders and straight pants with a slightly loose silhouette and incorporates the details of a rider's jumpsuit.

Constructed by removing the concept of "coverall = work clothes".

The upper body, which incorporates the details of single riders, is designed with a sense of balance unique to STRUM, which has continued to make leather jackets.

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A new standard denim western shirt with a changed chest pocket flap shape and a slightly looser silhouette than conventional denim shirts.

TRAVIS is a STRUM light ounce western denim shirt with vintage-like discoloration and attention to stitching and threads.

It features a slightly loose silhouette that fits the body and a unique flap shape.

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You can purchase it at FLAGSHIP SHOP , directly managed online stores , and dealers nationwide.


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