2021.11.6 Release.

2021.11.6 Release.


Notification of new product arrival.

From 12:00 on Saturday, November 6th, it will be on sale at FLAGSHIP SHOP , directly managed online stores , and dealers nationwide .

Riders neck warmers that have undergone a full model change, large-format stoles limited to 20 pieces, and standard riders gloves are in stock.


Ver.2 of the rider's neck warmer that was well received at 2020 A / W.

With its unique shape and finish that leaves a core, it is a hard and unique neck warmer.

The overall size is larger than the debut work, and the tip of the nose is squeezed forward so that the mouth and nose are hidden.

The dot hook at the bottom has been repositioned so that it can be stopped by the button that stops the lower collar of STRUM's Double Riders.

For an accent that stands out even when matched with a cloth coat.

The front zipper is open.
The short fasteners on both sides can be moved by opening and closing.

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A large-format stole with an impressive diagonal line expressed in "jacquard knitting" instead of jacquard weaving.

It is characterized by its warmth and suppleness because it is a knit material rather than a cloth.

Since it is produced in a large format of 120 cm x 210 cm, it is a point that can be reused as an accent for various coordination such as shoulder straps, cloak-style haori, and neck wraps.

* This item is limited to 20 pieces due to the fabric.

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Uses domestically chrome-tanned leather from cow leather in Japan.

Uses leather that is also used for high-end golf gloves.

Leather dyed with dye and finished by raising.

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You can purchase it at FLAGSHIP SHOP , directly managed online stores , and dealers nationwide .


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