September 30, 2022 Release.

September 30, 2022 Release.


We are pleased to announce the arrival of our new collection.

We are pleased to announce the arrival of new items such as riders, shoulder bags, and boots with a new "WAX finish" added to our regular full tanning pit-tanned series.

They will be available at FLAGSHIP SHOP,directly-managed online stores, anddealers nationwide from September 30 (Fri.) at 12:00 p.m.


WAX is applied to popular full tannin pit-tanned shrink horsehide, and the leather is heat-treated to penetrate the WAX.

The wax will fall off as the leather is used, so the areas with bite will be black, and the wax in the scratches and grains will remain white, creating a contrast. This is a characteristic of this item.

This model emphasizes simplicity by removing the breast pocket from the SLATER, a standard single-rider model with a narrow belly, a slightly narrowed waist, and gussets on the sides to increase the range of motion.

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SPEEDER is made of full tannin pit-tanned shrink horsehide WAX-finished leather.

The diagonal pockets on the chest and left arm and the grafting on the back make this model impressive.

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A full tannin pit-tanned series with a bony yet comfortable look, with scratches and grains to give it an impactful look.

This model incorporates a different gimmick and vintage-inspired details.

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STG044-01TAS / 02TAS

T.A.S's WAFFLE SHOULDER BAG has been re-sized and redesigned for this collaboration. The canvas portion has been replaced with STRUM leather, leaving the original thickness intact and giving the bag a strong impact.

In addition to the existing BLACK color, a WHITE color with a WAX finish is now available.

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These new boots are based on the motif of single riders and incorporate a flap structure in the back zip portion.

The flap can be closed like a single rider's, and can also be attached on the opposite side without crossing the zip. You can wear them while arranging them according to your bottoms.

As the wax falls off as it is used, the areas where the bite appears will be black, and the wax in the scratches and grains will remain white, creating a contrast.

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