2023.03.21 Release.

2023.03.21 Release.


We are pleased to announce the arrival of new products.

We have replenished our stock of "DIVINE", "JUDE", and "CRANK" from the suede horsehide series, which brings out the unique bloodstains and some scratches of horsehide, as well as STRUM JEANS TIGHT JOE.

They will be available atFLAGSHIP SHOP,directly-managed online stores, anddealers nationwide from March 21 (Tue.) at 12:00 pm.

STL066 series

The unique bloodstain and some scratches of horsehide leather are used to give it a tasteful look.

Chrome-tanned horsehide leather is produced in Japan.
Chrome-tanned horsehide is lightweight, strong, and supple.

The suede surface is carefully papered to give it a delicate and elegant look.

The unique blood streaks, some scratches, and uneven dyeing characteristic of horsehide are left to give it a tasteful look.

Suede horsehide DIVINE double riders jacket - BLACK

Double riders DIVINE with Raccagni zipper elements prominently placed.

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Suede horsehide JUDE single riders jacket - BLACK

With the concept of a single rider jacket for adults, this single rider jacket JUDE pursues "simplicity" by concealing stitches where structurally possible and covering the front zipper with a winged design.

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Suede horsehide CRANK blouson - BLACK

Based on a design that looks like a combination of a stadium jacket and a MA-1, this leather jacket CRANK has a stoned, boxy look and a minimalist finish.

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12.5oz Organic Cotton Stretch Denim TIGHT JOE Tight Straight Used - INDIGO

This denim has a vintage-like faded color that doesn't look like stretch denim, a USED look due to the three-dimensional processing, and a used look that is made possible by the stretch denim. The TIGHT JOE is STRUM's classic tight straight jeans with a lot of attention to detail in the stitching and thread.

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STRUM Original Sticker"

STRUM Original Sticker" is a present for those who purchase at our direct-managed stores and on the web.
One sticker will be given per item purchased.

STRUM's first sticker.
STRUM Logo & Philosophy" and "I'm strummer" are on a set of two stickers that look like a mold of an amplifier.
The stickers are made of water-resistant and weather-resistant film that can be used outdoors.

Reservations made at the pre-order event held from April 1 to 3 are also eligible.
(In the case of web pre-orders, the stickers will be sent together with the finished product.)

Stickers will be discontinued without prior notice as soon as they are gone.