2023.03.25 Release.

2023.03.25 Release.


We are pleased to announce the arrival of our new products.

We have just received HI-FLYER from the "full tanning pit-tanning" series, and two printed T-shirts that pay homage to the "Rock T" series.

They will be available at FLAGSHIP SHOP,online store, anddealers nationwide from March 25 (Sat.) at 12:00 p.m.

Full tannin pit-tanned, shrink-wrapped horsehide HI-FLYER double riders jacket - BLACK

Full tannin tanned horsehide leather, soaked in pit tanks in Japan.

The leather is then fully tanned in a pit tank for about 3 months.

The leather is then turned on a taiko while being heated and shrunk to half its normal size (from 2m to 1m) to give it an impactful look with its scratches and graininess.

The leather is full tannin, and has a bony appearance, but by adding more oil, it has elasticity and suppleness, and is also comfortable to wear.

The model is the HI-FLYER, which incorporates unconventional gimmicks and vintage-inspired details.

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30/- Natural soft jersey BLACK STRUM wide T-shirt - BLACK

30/- cotton jersey is knitted to a soft and bulky feel.
The jersey has stability and functionality suitable for daily wear, and is easy to handle and does not easily lose its shape.

This series is designed like a remake tee, with a vertical seam design that adds a street-style feel.

The original illustration that pays homage to rock T's is printed on it.

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30/- Natural soft jersey NISTRUM wide T-shirt - WHITE

Different body color and print from STC113-01P01.

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FLAGSHIP SHOP FLAGSHIP SHOP Directly-managed online store Nationwide Dealers Dealers nationwide You can purchase our products at the FLAGSHIP SHOP, online store, and nationwide dealers.

Please check it out.

STRUM Original Sticker"

STRUM Original Sticker" is a present for those who purchase at our direct-managed stores and on the web.
One sticker will be given per item purchased.

STRUM's first sticker.
STRUM Logo & Philosophy" and "I'm strummer" are on a set of two stickers that look like a mold of an amplifier.
The stickers are made of water-resistant and weather-resistant film that can be used outdoors.

Reservations made at the pre-order event held from April 1 to 3 are also eligible.
(In the case of web pre-orders, the stickers will be sent together with the finished product.)

We will end the offer as soon as we run out of stickers without notice.