March 28, 2023 Release.

March 28, 2023 Release.


We are pleased to announce the arrival of new products.

The "Japan Calf Suede" STL061 series, which has a smooth and elegant texture that is hard to believe it is suede, is now in stock.

You can purchase them atFLAGSHIP SHOP,directly-managed online stores, anddealers nationwide from March 28 (Tue.) at 12:00 p.m.

STL061-01 series

Smooth and elegant texture that is hard to believe it is suede.

Chrome-tanned Japanese calfskin leather in Japan.
This leather has the strength, suppleness, and lightness that only chrome can provide.

The suede side is carefully peppered to give it a delicate and elegant look.

*Since the suede side is given priority in cutting, there may be scratches on the silver side of the reverse side. Please understand.

Japan calf suede SCARS long sleeve shirt - BLACK

SCARS long sleeve shirt with four cut-outs on the front and back for accentuation.

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Japan calf suede RENTON double riders vest - BLACK

New type double riders vest RENTON with oversized A-line silhouette.

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Japan calf suede ALTERNA long cardigan - BLACK

Long cardigan ALTERNA, a redesign of the conventional long cardigan with an oversized version.

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FLAGSHIP SHOP FLAGSHIP SHOP Directly-managed online store Dealers Dealers nationwide You can purchase our products at the FLAGSHIP SHOP, online store, and nationwide dealers.

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STRUM Original Sticker"

STRUM Original Sticker" is a present for those who purchase at our direct-managed stores and on the web.
One sticker will be given per item purchased.

STRUM's first sticker.
STRUM Logo & Philosophy" and "I'm strummer" are on a set of two stickers that look like a mold of an amplifier.
The stickers are made of water-resistant and weather-resistant film that can be used outdoors.

Reservations made at the pre-order event held from April 1 to 3 are also eligible.
(In the case of web pre-orders, the stickers will be sent together with the finished product.)

We will end the offer as soon as we run out of stickers without notice.