2023.09.16 Release.

2023.09.16 Release.


As the collection celebrates its 10th anniversary, "RETURN" is a collection that feels like a harbinger of returning to its origins and aiming for the next stage of development.

Continuing from last time, the suede series is now in stock.
With this arrival, the suede series is now available.

Starting today, you can purchase it at FLAGSHIP SHOP , directly managed online stores , and dealers nationwide .

STL066 series

It has a tasteful look that takes advantage of the unique blood lines of horse leather and some scratches.

We use raw horsehide leather that is chrome tanned in Japan.
Chrome tanned horsehide is extremely light, yet has both strength and flexibility.

Carefully applying paper to the suede surface gives it a delicate and classy look.

By deliberately leaving the blood lines, some scratches, and uneven dyeing that are unique to horse leather, we have created a tasteful look.


Leather Model ID: JOEY

JOEY is stylishly finished based on US type details.

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Leather Model ID: JUDE

Based on the concept of single riders for adults, JUDE is a single rider that pursues ``simplicity'' by hiding all the stitching where it is structurally possible and covering the front zipper with fly.

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STL061 series

It has a smooth and classy texture that you won't believe is suede.

Leather made from Japanese calf leather that is chrome-tanned in Japan.
A leather that combines the strength, flexibility, and lightness of chrome.

Calfskin is characterized by its fine texture and few scratches, and by carefully applying paper to the suede surface, it has a delicate and classy look.

*Since the suede side is prioritized when cutting, there may be scratches on the silver side of the back side. Thank you for your understanding.



RUST is made in an oversized design that can be worn over riders.

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You can purchase at FLAGSHIP SHOP , directly managed online store , and dealers nationwide .

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