Sep. 29, 2023 Release.

Sep. 29, 2023 Release.


As we celebrate our 10th anniversary with this collection, "RETURN" is a collection that returns to the starting point, and gives a sense of development and a harbinger of the next stage of our history.

STRUM's symbolic "Burning dyed" new color "STEEL BLACK", "Full tanned shrink steerhide" which is made to look impactful by giving it an extreme graininess, and the must-have boa fleece series for fall and winter in addition to woven fabrics, etc., are all new items in stock now. We have a lot of new items in stock.

The new items are available at FLAGSHIP SHOP, online store, and nationwide dealers from today.

STL067 series

Burning dyed new color STEEL BLACK

After sewing the garment as a base material, it is dyed by burning it.
Alcohol and dye are mixed, sprayed, and ignited.

After the alcohol is ignited, the dye is transferred to the alcohol, and the reaction causes the dye to change color and burn, giving the fabric a unique, uneven appearance.

The new color STEEL BLACK is dyed twice with different density of BLACK (burning dye), which gives it a worn-in look from the beginning and a unique, deep, uneven texture.


Leather Model ID : SPEEDER

SPEEDER is an impressive model with diagonal pockets on the chest and left arm, and the back grafting.

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Leather Model ID : LIST

Based on a long jacket model, this double riders' jacket LIST emphasizes an adult atmosphere with hidden zippers on the chest and waist pockets.

The shoulder slant and back climb have been minimized, and fine adjustments have been made in various areas to create a pattern that is even easier to wear.

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STL078 series

This is a leather that is worth growing, characterized by its luster and bony appearance, with fibers that are packed with grain to the utmost limit and finished with a look that has impact.

The leather is fully tanned in Japan by soaking North American cowhide raw hides in a pit tank for about 3 long months.

The leather is pit-tanned and has a firm, fibrous luster and a bony appearance. The leather is reduced to half its normal size to give it the maximum amount of grain, giving it an impactful look.
(The original thickness of the leather is 6mm, which gives the leather an even stronger graininess.)

) Since we use a natural grain to create the grain, each piece of leather has a different look and feel.

The leather has a firmness at first, but as you wear it, the luster will increase and it will become more comfortable to your body.



VINCENTS is slim but stress-free and comfortable, with underarm gussets and darts at the back for a wider range of motion.

M. VINCENTS (M. VINCENTS) is a model with a chest pocket added to enhance the design.

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A double cloth with a soft, soft texture made of fine wool mixed with nylon.

Field cargo pants based on M65.
Wide in size and lined, these bottoms are suitable for midwinter.

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This series has a military feel, but can be worn elegantly due to its unique tension.

Based on the Royal Navy shirt of the British Army, this item is reconstructed in a larger size.
This shirt blouson incorporates blouson specifications in its size and details.

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Regular collar shirt with vintage dress shirt atmosphere. The shirt has a vintage dress shirt look and feel.

The collar is larger than the conventional STRUM shirt, and the round cuffs and rounded hem give it the feel of a dress shirt.

Combined with the texture of the fabric and the puckering, this shirt has a military feel, yet can be worn elegantly.

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This material has a soft texture with added warmth from the recycled wool blended into it.

The boa fleece is knitted by blending recycled wool and micro synthetic yarn at CALAMAI, a company that has been recycling wool in Italy for nearly 150 years.

This oversized long cardigan can be worn over a rider's jacket.

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Long sleeve T-shirt made tight to be worn under riders. Long sleeve T-shirt with a tight silhouette.

The silhouette is tight and simple with no cut-overs, etc. This long sleeve T-shirt is easy to use as an inner layer.

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