∀ Holy 2023-24 A/W 2023.09.30 Release.

∀ Holy 2023-24 A/W 2023.09.30 Release.

- A LIFE OF Tribe

With the theme of genderless and borderless, "Tribe" combines different materials and blends them naturally, developing a collection that is simple yet distinguished by its silhouette and materiality.

Stencil-collar coats with military elements, two types of shirts with a unique sense of fall and expression, and two types of pants finished elegantly in spite of their wide width are now in stock.


A standard stainless collar coat with military elements incorporated into the pattern.

This stainless-steel collar coat incorporates military elements on the pattern, while the sleeve shape and swing are standard.

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This design is a cross between military elements and a dress shirt.

The collar and placket are narrow, the buttons are small, and more pleats are added to give this band-collar shirt a sharp and stylish impression despite its military elements.

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A dress shirt with a relaxed feel that does not lean even when worn under a jacket.

This is a regular shirt that can be used as a dress shirt as well, with a slightly drop-shoulder, oversized feel, but with a sleeve seam that is narrower below the elbow so that it does not lean when worn under a jacket.

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Wide silhouette with room in the hips and gutters, but tapered with darts at the hem to avoid the impression of being loose.

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Based on military cargo pants, with an elastic waistband and drawcord at the back for an active look.

The silhouette is finished with a clean, tapered shape from the moderate roominess of the crotch to the hem.

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