2023.10.07 Release.

2023.10.07 Release.


As we celebrate our 10th anniversary with this collection, we are returning to our starting point, and the collection "RETURN" gives us a hint of development and the next stage.

The fishtail coat based on the M65 with STRUM's unique patterns and details is now in stock.

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STC162 series

This double cloth is made of high quality wool mixed with nylon for a soft and supple texture.

Based on the structure of fabrics used by the French army in vintage times, this fabric is made of 14-count wool-nylon blended single yarns, woven in double layers only in the vertical direction.

The fabric is originally tightly packed with strong beating, but it is further washed to tighten the grain while retaining its structure, giving it a unique look.


A military item that can be worn by adults, based on the M65 with STRUM's unique pattern and details. This is a military item that can be worn by adults.

A fishtail coat based on the M65.
The length is a little shorter than a typical fishtail coat, making it easy to wear.

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