2024.3.14 Release.

2024.3.14 Release.


We are pleased to announce the arrival of new products.

From the calf suede series, "KICKS", a tailored vest with an elegant yet bony look, and size 5 (L) 6 (XL) of "Full tannin pit-tanned shrink steerhide M.VINCENTS", which had been out of sizes, have also arrived additionally.

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STL061 Series

Smooth and elegant texture that is hard to believe it is suede.

Chrome-tanned Japanese calf leather raw hides in Japan.
This leather has the strength, suppleness, and lightness that only chrome can provide.

The suede side is carefully peppered to give it a delicate and elegant look.

*Since the suede side is given priority in cutting, there may be scratches on the silver side of the reverse side. Please understand.



KICKS is a tailored vest that has an elegant atmosphere but also has a bony look by boldly cutting off the arms while following the specifications of a full-fledged tailored vest.

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STL078 series

This is a leather that is worth growing up, characterized by its luster and bony look with tight fibers, which has been made to look impactful by giving it an extreme graininess.

The leather is fully tanned by soaking North American raw cowhide in a pit tank in Japan for about 3 long months.

The leather is pit-tanned and has a firm, fibrous luster and a bony appearance. The leather is reduced to half its normal size to give it the maximum amount of grain, giving it an impactful look.
(The original thickness of the leather is 6mm, which gives the leather an even stronger graininess.)

) Since we use a natural grain to create the grain, each piece of leather has a different look and feel.

The leather has a firmness at first, but as you wear it, the luster will increase and it will become more comfortable on your body.



VINCENTS is slim but stress-free and comfortable, with underarm gussets and darts at the back for a wider range of motion.

M. VINCENTS (M. Vincents) is a model with an added chest pocket and enhanced design.

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