2024.3.23 Release.

2024.3.23 Release.


We are pleased to announce the arrival of new products.

Jerseys, woven fabrics, and printed T-shirts for the coming season are now in stock.

Jerseys made on a rare circular knitting machine are wrinkle-resistant and elegant jersey set-ups for adults.

The woven fabrics that express borders by weaving have a look with a sense of presence even though they have the same color border.

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STC166 Series

Compared to ordinary jersey fabrics, this elegant material is lightweight and wrinkle-resistant.

Using a rare circular knitting machine The silhouette is beautiful and the fabric is lighter than ordinary cut and sewn fabrics, The fabric is lightweight and less likely to lose its shape and wrinkle. It is a fabric characterized by its light weight, resistance to molding and wrinkling.


Track jacket with a beautiful silhouette.

STRUM's first track jacket has an elegant silhouette with a slightly longer length and a size that is neither too thin nor too large.

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Jersey tapered pants with a beautiful silhouette.

Sharp silhouette to match the elegant fabric. The center pin tuck at the front is designed to make the legs look more beautiful and longer.

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STC168 Series

Material folded into a stripe pattern with both softness and crispness.

The weft is made of 80/1 ramie yarn, the warp is made of 80/2 rayon yarn, and the stripes are made of 40/2 cotton yarn. Cotton feel The feel of cotton The texture of cotton and the thickness of rayon and and the bounce of ramie are well combined, softness and crispness. The post-dyeing process uses the difference in the way the fibers are dyed to create shades of gray. By dyeing afterwards, shading is achieved by utilizing the difference in the way fibers are dyed, and by using a thicker count twin yarn for the stripe portion, a pattern with a sense of presence is expressed, despite the same color.

The striped part is woven with 40 count twin yarns, so it is uneven and has a sense of presence.


Open collar shirt with STRUM details.

The silhouette is not too thin, not too big, and moderately loose. It is an open-collared shirt for adults that looks good both when worn casually and buttoned up.

The stripes are horizontally striped to create a border pattern.

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Easy shorts with a horizontal stripe pattern.

These easy shorts have a slightly wide silhouette with fine details such as tucks and darts.

The stripes are horizontally striped to create a border pattern.

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STC113 Series

Jersey with stability and functionality that resists losing its shape.

Jersey knit with 30/- cotton yarn for a soft and bulky feel.
This jersey has stability and functionality suitable for daily wear, and is easy to handle and does not easily lose its shape.


This series has a street-style feel with a design that looks like a remake tee, cut and sewn vertically.

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