2024.4.15 Release.

2024.4.15 Release.


We are pleased to announce the arrival of our new products.

STRUM's signature leather "Full tannin pit-tanned shrink horsehide series" is now in stock.

This leather has a bony yet comfortable look, with a scratchy and grainy texture that gives it an impactful look.

This time, we are releasing the LIST double riders jacket, which is made in an easy-to-wear pattern with an emphasis on a mature atmosphere.

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STL064 Series

This leather has a bony yet comfortable look with a scratchy and grainy texture for a high-impact look.

The raw horsehide is soaked in a pit tank in Japan and tanned.

The leather is then fully tanned in a pit tank for about 3 months, taking advantage of the characteristic of horsehide that has many scratches.

The leather is then turned on a taiko while being heated and shrunk to half its normal size (from 2m to 1m) to give it an impactful look with its scratches and graininess.

The leather is full tannin, and has a bony appearance, but by adding a lot of oil, it has elasticity and suppleness, and is also comfortable to wear.



Based on the Ronjan type, the LIST double riders jacket emphasizes an adult atmosphere by concealing the zippers on the chest and hip pockets.

The shoulder slant and back climb have been minimized, and fine adjustments have been made in various areas to create a pattern that is even easier to wear.

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