18A / W Advance reservation meeting Thank you for visiting us

18A / W Advance reservation meeting Thank you for visiting us

Thank you for using STRUM OFFICIAL STORE.

Thank you for visiting the "2018 A / W THE LAST OF US" pre-order event held on March 11th (Sun)! !!

I'm really happy to show you the latest work to many people.

In addition to exhibiting the full collection, I feel that everyone who came to the store and made reservations was satisfied with the adjustment of the length and sleeve length unique to the reservation party.

The works you have reserved will be produced one by one with your thoughts, so please look forward to the completion!

Even if you are not comfortable with your visit, we may be able to answer your inquiry by email or phone, so please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any concerns about the contents or development of the collection.

2018 A / W Collection "THE LAST OF US" This collection has not only new product processing and rider's details, but also STRUM-like bones including fabrics and cut-and-sew, but also elegant.

[Burning Dyed]'s new color "BLUE GREEN" A new model based on the cyclone with a STRUM-like taste.

A mod coat based on the valve tile fabric developed as a water resistant clothing material for British Air Force pilots, and super-compressing a jersey woven with nylon and polyester at high density to express a cloth-like packing.

A "leather-like coat" that makes you feel atari as you wear it.

Delivery is an early item from July.

Please look forward to it.

And new releases from the 2018 S / S collection this season will be available soon.

It is already lined up in stores.

It will be open normally from March 13th (Tuesday) tomorrow, so please come to FLAGSHIP SHOP.