Thoughts on the leather jacket of the strum

Thoughts on the leather jacket of the strum

"Dirt becomes a taste and scratches become an experience. I think that is the charm of leather."

Interview with Kazuki Kuwahara | From the magazine "LOADED" Vol.28

Since its debut in the fall and winter of 13-14, Strum is a brand that continues to attract many fans with its lineup centered on leather jackets. The items created by designer Kazuki Kuwahara, who has a deep knowledge of music and movies since then, make you feel the sound and images, and once you put your hands on the sleeves, you can bring out the world view of the wearer well. Will do it. Here, we asked about the new leather "Burning dyed" from Strum.

"The new" Burning de "is a special technique that we tried for the first time, using leather as a base and dyeing the product while burning. A high-concentration alcohol is mixed with the dye for coloring. After dyeing, ignite and watch the time, then immediately extinguish the fire. Then, the burn marks and soot created by the work will be fixed on the leather jean. Just by burning, the leather will dyed and harden. , I can't wear it anymore, so after many trials and errors with the craftsman, I finally realized it. "

You can wear it for many years and enjoy the changes over time, or you will be fascinated by the texture of the texture and wrinkles. And the charm of leather jackets is truly diverse, such as being fascinated by the wild feeling expressed by various processing. However, the characteristics of leather jackets are reflected in the lifestyle and mindset of the wearer, and may change in size, shape, and facial expression. Dirt becomes a taste and scratches become an experience.

"I've always loved punk rock, and I was inspired by the artists breaking and burning musical instruments and amps, and I came up with the process of burning leather jackets. Then the act of burning is in my life. It has various meanings. It means that it is hot and exciting, it means that it burns, it means that it does not burn, it means that it is dead, it burns, and it is reborn. The presence of leather jacket is with life. They are very similar, and as they live, they experience various things and grow up. Eventually, the depth and depth of the person comes out and it becomes a taste. I think that taste is what makes it attractive. "

Among many fashion items, leather jackets and denim are often regarded as cool because they have a good taste of dirt and scratches. Strum's "Burning dyed" gives a leather jacket the ultimate experience of being lit and burning. In other words, from the day you first wear it, you will become an experienced and reliable partner.

"Customers and friends often look at the leather jackets I usually wear and say,'I like that leather jacket! I want it!', But that's because I've been wearing it for five years. It's a leather jacket that I grew up. Leather products were originally living things as a material, but even if they are tanned, dyed, and processed, they are still alive. For example, sweat and stains on the wearer. Of course. Even the dirt of spilled liquor and the scratches when falling on a motorcycle will be a good taste and experience and will be engraved on the person's leather jacket. I think that it will grow and look cool as a result. "

The trigger was the riders worn by punk rock artists. It looked very cool. Eventually, as I was immersed in their works and performances, I learned the meaning of the message and learned how to live. He became independent as a leather designer himself, and by exploring the affinity between punk rock and leather, he wanted to express life itself through clothes, not just making clothes. "I want to leave a living proof by continuing to make leather," says Mr. Kuwahara. I would like to ask about future trends.

"Every time I make an ideal shape. I want to make the next one soon. I always want to know more about leather, I want to master leather. Speaking of leather," strum " For me, leather is an important partner in my life and it's like an alter ego. I want to leave a mark of "Kazuki Kuwahara" through making things with leather with thought. "

Excerpt from the magazine "LOADED" Vol.28

Strum / Designer
Kazuki Kuwahara

Born in 1971, from Osaka prefecture. He has been involved in video and music for many years, and started the brand "Strum" from 2013-14 A / W, which develops products centered on leather. In addition to the edgy design with the motto of making things that feel the sound, it has a reputation for high degree of perfection by careful manual work, including leather tanning, dyeing, and processing.