STYLING 2020.10.30

STYLING 2020.10.30

Geocalf suede "RUST" Overcoat / Black styling.

Men's trend where proposals for "oversized" wear are widespread.

The shift from street trends to elegance has been whispered, but in men's style, the "oversized" style is likely to keep.

From STRUM, we will introduce an overcoat release with a texture that does not seem to be suede.

Point of oversize coordination ①: If you want to finish men's coordination with a seasonal impression, "oversize style" is ◎

The oversized style is an item that expresses a trend-conscious outfit. You can easily create a seasonal impression just by over-finishing the silhouette and size without being conscious of specific items and color matching.

Point of oversize coordination (2): If you are conscious of sharpness, the success rate of "oversize" style will increase!

Simply incorporating oversized clothes does not mean that fashionable coordination is complete. If you want to increase the success rate of the seasonal oversize style, it is important to be aware of the sharpness with other items.

If the inner burgundy knit can express the color balance with the outer in an easy-to-understand manner, not only will the style create a stylish atmosphere, but the range of coordination will be greatly expanded.

Point of oversize coordination ③: If you want to finish the "oversize" coordination in a good balance, set your feet with volumey shoes.

Choose shoes that are as voluminous as the oversized volume, for a well-balanced outfit.

Adjusting the balun with the coat with the volume of the logger boots ◎

Enjoy Fashion!

178cm / 55kg

Geocalf Suede "RUST" Overcoat / Black

Wool Nylon Sheep Pile Pullover / Burgundy

[ Session ] Sunglasses

Cross necklace (Driftwood processing / mirror polishing)

[ Session ] "AXE"