STYLING 2020.11.1

STYLING 2020.11.1

Cotton nylon typewriter Wrinkled bleach Over-dyed styling with wrap coat.

For cold weather that cannot be overcome with leather alone, "Outer layered"

Just turn on the coat on the leather item, which has excellent cold protection, and it will be more fashionable and warm.

From STRUM, we will release and introduce a light and warm wrap coat that has a design.

The combination of coat and leather items is surprisingly compatible.

Why don't you enjoy the coat-on coordination with the elegant leather shirt while wearing MIX?

The crack pattern made by special processing of the wrap coat is tightened by combining a black item with the inner to give it a modern look.

If you wear an oversized wrap coat, it will be a men's outfit that has a man's bold feeling even in casual clothes.

The volumey coat shines well on the tight black shaft.

A royal blue cut-and-sew is inserted in the hem layer for an accent, and the blue tone on the bottom is also cohesive.

"SCARS" long-sleeved shirt with a smooth and elegant texture that does not seem to be suede

Leather made by chrome tanning raw cowhide leather of terrestrial calf in Japan.
Leather that combines the strength, suppleness, and lightness of chrome.

The calf is characterized by fine skin and few scratches, and the suede surface is carefully papered to create a delicate and elegant look.

If you want to give a crisp impression to your outfit with a wrap coat and leather shirt, you can try incorporating blue accessories.

If you choose sunglasses that come around your face, you will get a more impressive finish, and the engineer boots at your feet can be expected to work as a styling accent.

Enjoy Fashion!

178cm / 55kg

Cotton Nylon Typewriter Wrinkled Bleach Over Die Wrap Coat

Geocalf suede "SCARS" long sleeve shirt

Giza Lyocell High Gauge Tenjiku Product Wash Tumbler Finish Round Neck T-shirt / Royal Blue

Cross necklace (driftwood processing / mirror polishing)

Full tannin steer shoulder narrow belt

Session by STRUM Special Order Sunglasses / Clear Blue

"RUDY" / Directly managed limited BLUE GREEN