For dressing that amplifies the rugged atmosphere with denim on leather jacket

For dressing that amplifies the rugged atmosphere with denim on leather jacket

Wear "authentic" straight jeans with the leather jacket that is indispensable for autumn men's outfits.

From the attention to sustainability, vintage and authentic items are attracting attention again.
Speaking of jeans, standard straight. And for that coordination, we will assemble the styling around the leather jacket and the item that is said to be an immortal masterpiece.

This time, we will introduce the coordination using "SPEEDER" and "1977" (Ichikyu Nana).

Tips for dressing ①: If you want to make the most of the leather jacket material, a full zip-up is essential.

If you want to use only horse leather with a lot of scratches, shrink it to half the normal size (2m → 1m) and shrink it, and make use of the leather with scratches and graininess, I would like you to try closing the front. , Full zip up.

The atmosphere when the front is opened is different, but above all, the presence of the leather jacket, which is the leading role of coordination, can be appealed to the whole surface.

Tips for dressing (2): For the inner that is as good as a leather jacket, choose an item with a design on the chest.

The Henry neck inner, which was introduced in the previous BLOG, has a strong presence even in the coordination of authentic leather jacket X denim.

Choose the Henry Neck T, which is especially excellent this season, which has a unique leather look and is familiar with the design impact of Double Riders.

Tips for dressing ③: Denim on leather jacket is a must-have option if you want to make it extremely rugged

The timeless men's style of leather jacket and jeans is a coordination that embodies an adult man.
Since the axis is determined by denim, it is surprisingly easy to incorporate playfulness, and I want to choose a denim shape that is unique to me and build a unique styling.

The return of authentic items was whispered this fall and winter, and straight jeans are a hot item.
In STRUM, the hem of the regular straight "1977" (Ichikyu Nana) is slightly tapered, and the crossover is made slightly thinner to give a stylish impression while leaving a rugged atmosphere.

Enjoy Fashion!

178cm / 55kg