Dressing with oversized long coat "RUST"

Dressing with oversized long coat "RUST"

Wear a solid leather overcoat with a casual approach.

An oversized long coat that determines the image of the style itself with a length that gives a profound feeling.
Not only does it create a profound and classic mood, but nowadays the mix style has become a standard, and the casual approach expands the range of dressing and coordination.
Introducing the coordination between calf suede " RUST" and sweatshirts.

Tips for dressing ①: The oversized long coat differentiates you with a feeling of dressing and lightness.

If you don't have a relaxed atmosphere and lightness, an oversized long coat tends to give you a light and stubborn impression.
If you want to take advantage of the loose silhouette and gentle shoulder line, it is important to have a moderately loose atmosphere.

On the other hand, if you get serious about styling and dressing, it will have the opposite effect on this outfit.
While sticking to a beautiful finish, it differentiates itself with a feeling of mellowness and lightness that takes in the casual air of a sweatshirt setup.

Tips for dressing (2): A hooded type inner that creates a feeling of slipping around the neck of a long coat outfit.

A hooded type inner that gives a lot of eye-opening around the neck of the long coat while keeping the outfit together.

The coat is knee-length, and despite being black, it doesn't look heavy because the front is open and the inner hood is loose and the choice is light gray.

Tips for dressing ③: A stylish tone-on-tone outfit with black and gray monotone, with a long coat as the main character.

The black and gray monotones are combined into a tone-on-tone, and the coordination of leather items and fabric items gives a stylish impression.
A long coat of black suede and a sweatshirt with a higher-grade texture raise the mix, and black rider's boots give an edge to your feet.
By inserting a sweatshirt with a soft texture, it is stylish yet has a nice feeling with less texture.

Enjoy Fashion!

178cm / 55kg