Use the outerwear-on-outerwear layering technique to wear your riders through the winter!

Use the outerwear-on-outerwear layering technique to wear your riders through the winter!

Winter, when the temperature drops and the number of items you can combine increases, is the season when you have the widest range of outfits and can express your own style.

A leather rider's jacket is one of the most popular winter outerwear.
It is one of the outerwear that can be worn for a long time in different seasons; you can wear it in spring and autumn style with a T-shirt underneath, or in winter style with a thick knit or sweat hoodie underneath.

In STRUM, we will introduce winter coordination using Japan oil calf "SLATER" and overcoat.

How to wear ①: Leather riders and overcoat A combination of leather and overcoat will give you both a beautiful and masculine look.

This is a great way to make a statement, and it's also a great way to make a statement about yourself.

If there is room in the outerwear to put on, leather shirts, double riders and leather items of various silhouettes will be the choices as leather items that can be used as innerwear, and depending on which position to add masculinity The way the coat looks will be completely different depending on which position you choose to add masculinity.

This time, the single rider is added to the cord, appealing to the V-zone of the coat, expressing a more outerwear-on-outerwear technique layered with a quirky look.
For this purpose, the front zip of the riders should be fully closed.

Dressing tips (2): For the inner cut and sewn, the front with a splash of color
use a necklace with one cushion when opened.

At this time of year, it is easy to wear dark-toned innerwear if you leave it alone, but don't forget to add lightness to your outfit by adding a bright gray color to your outerwear-on-outerwear coordinate.

In addition, the eye-catching large cross necklace draws the eye upward even when the front is open and closed, creating a lightness and lengthening effect.

Dressing tips (3) Unity is the key! When the taste of the accessories is unified, the coordination is tightened up.

There are many ways to unify the taste of accessories. There's no end to the materials, colors, and design concepts you can choose from, and you don't want to get too attached to consistency. The key is to have a sense of unity that is easy for everyone to understand.

For example, it is a powerful option to produce a sense of unity by matching colors. You can find a lot of different types of shoes and boots available in the market.
It's best to match and disguise in a way that is easy to understand.

Enjoy Fashion!