The best winter outerwear: wear a leather down blouson!

The best winter outerwear: wear a leather down blouson!

How to coordinate and wear the strongest winter outerwear

The most powerful winter outerwear that boasts excellent heat retention, "Leather Down Blouson"
used to have a strong image of outdoor wear that could survive the harsh cold with an emphasis on functionality, but in recent years, with a much wider range of fabrics and designs, it has become However, nowadays, the range of fabrics and designs has expanded dramatically, so you can match it with a beautiful adult style without feeling uncomfortable.

This time, we will show you how to wear the long-awaited "Leather Down Blouson" TUAREG in STRUM.

Dressing tips ①. Stylishly put together to suppress the feeling of down specific black that can be expected to tighten the effect

It's a great way to make sure you're getting the most out of your time with your family and friends.

If the bottoms are used processed denim pants to produce a blue shade and a sense of relaxation, avoid looking heavy, and dispel the monotony with a crisp silhouette, you will look stylish and fresh.


It is an Italian-made down sheet that achieves heat retention that exceeds 200% of conventional down and 400% of polyfill by innovative manufacturing methods.

Lightness: Available in various weights from 30GR

Warmth: The unique structure of the down sheet provides uniformly high warmth from the lightest weight.

Breathability: Breathable like down, regulates body temperature.

No Cold Spots: The uniform construction of the THINDOWN eliminates the need for horizontal seams, preventing cold air from passing through them.

No blowout: The unique construction of the THINDOWN prevents the down from blowing out like in conventional down comforters.

and many other advantages.

Tips for dressing ②:. If you want to look mature and smart, you should differentiate your outfit by choosing a down blouson with a silhouette that won't make you look bloated.

Of course, it's important to choose trendy items, but if you want to look mature and smart wearing a down blouson, it's important to choose items with a silhouette that won't make you feel bloated even if you put in some thick winter inner wear.

The greatest merit of this one, which uses the new material THINDOWN, is its sleek, stylish silhouette that doesn't look like down at first glance, with a reduced fuzzy feeling.

It's also a great way to keep your hands warm and to keep your feet dry.
It is no exaggeration to say that it is the decisive factor in conquering the unique down jacket that is designed for simple coordination.

Tips for dressing up ③:. Styling with a crisp silhouette and a sense of intonation

One of the most important points in wearing a down blouson is to create a crisp silhouette and a smart look that doesn't make you feel uncomfortable.

In particular, if you are wearing a voluminous down jacket or an oversized model, the key to looking stylish is how to create a crisp and attractive silhouette.

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Recently, wearing wide pants or baggy jeans with a silhouette with a sense of three-dimensionality is also a popular coordinate for advanced fashionistas.

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