Incorporating G-jacket-type leather into the outerwear-on-outerwear technique

Incorporating G-jacket-type leather into the outerwear-on-outerwear technique

Use a G-jacket-type leather jacket as innerwear to add ideas to your winter coordination!

Using an item that is normally used as outerwear as innerwear will give you a great sense of style.

In this article, I'll show you how to use Type 1 G-Jacket leather jacket as innerwear, while practicing outerwear-on-outerwear.

Tips on how to wear it (1): G-jacket type leather What are the tips for successfully using the inner lining of the jacket?

There are many different types of G-jacket, from G-jacket type trucker jackets to coveralls and tailored jackets.

You can find a lot of different types of jackets in the market, but the most popular one is the trucker type.
The short length and compact silhouette make it easy to use as an inner layer, and the overcoats that can be easily matched with the G-jacket type collar are suitable for layering.

Shrunken overcoats are made to be worn over riders, so as long as you choose the right size, you can wear a denim jacket without losing your original silhouette and look smart.

How to wear it (2): Easy to match Insert a leopard shirt into a modest overcoat and G-jacket type leather jacket

This is an easy-to-match, understated overcoat and a Type 1 G-jacket with a moderately casual feel, creating a look that is both clean and rugged.

Use black as the base color, and don't forget to unbutton the front buttons on both the coat and the G-jacket to give a sense of freedom. The leopard accents on the shirt add to the adult mixed style.

Dressing tips 3: For the bottom Choose dark blue denim denim. Create a chic atmosphere.

For the bottom of an outerwear-on-outerwear look, I would suggest wearing dark blue denim to create a chic, mature atmosphere in dark tones, while using darker or deeper shades to create a sense of season.

Of course, this is a style that can be applied to spring and summer as well as fall and winter, but in the case of fall and winter, the visual effect of dark tones is easier to understand than in other seasons, as it is a clear difference from summer jeans coordinates, where white, neutral colors and light-colored items are often used.

And to balance the volume of outerwear with outerwear by choosing a slim straight silhouette, it is essential to use engineer boots to bring out the heaviness in the feet.

Enjoy Fashion!