Let's use the second outerwear-on-outerwear technique to wear out riders in the middle of winter!

Let's use the second outerwear-on-outerwear technique to wear out riders in the middle of winter!

Enjoy fashion while staying warm by using layering techniques.

One of the best parts of winter coordination is the layering technique, which makes it possible to coordinate in a way that is both cold-proof and fashionable.

In STRUM, we will introduce the winter standard "leather on leather" technique, this time using shrink horse SLATER, to create a corded look with impact.

How to wear it: 1. With the best cold-proof outerwear, you don't have to worry about freezing when you're out and about, and you can create a coordinated look that packs a punch!

If you're wondering what to wear when you go out in January, try using outerwear on outerwear to give your coordination a punch .
With cold-proof leather riders and a warm fur vest, you'll be able to go out without worry even on extremely cold days when you can't help but shiver.

For the inner rider, subtract from the impact of the fur: choose a single, full zip to show off your presence.

Dressing tip #2: Change the atmosphere of the inner leather and inner shirt by opening and closing the zip.

For the fur vest, open the front zip to avoid puffiness and show off the fact that the item you are layering is a single rider.

Also, by opening the front of the single rider to reveal the inner check shirt, you can eliminate the heaviness and show off the layering technique more subtly.

In fact, the shirt and jeans are the same as the one in the "Outerwear on Outerwear" blog on January 9, 2022, and the SLATER is the same, but with a different leather finish.

How to wear it (3) Wear wide legged jeans to balance out the volume of your upper body.

Outerwear on outerwear has a voluminous silhouette as its main characteristic. You can achieve a perfect balance by choosing jeans with a loose silhouette and wide legs that will not lose the volume of the heavy clothing and layers.
Skinny or slim-fit jeans that pick up the line of the legs are also a good choice, but it is a little difficult to achieve a good balance with voluminous outerwear. The trend for this season is definitely a wide-legged silhouette or tapered.

Especially with denim, there is a wide variety of silhouettes to choose from, making it easy to find the right balance with heavy clothing and layering.

Enjoy Fashion!