What are the best outerwear and innerwear choices to refer to when thinking about midwinter clothing?

What are the best outerwear and innerwear choices to refer to when thinking about midwinter clothing?

What is the best innerwear to wear in the middle of winter with a long, cold-proof leather coat?

From the end of January to the beginning of February, the temperature drops the most in the year. What kind of clothing is best for such a cold season?

In this article, I'll show you how to wear a long leather coat suitable for January and February, and introduce some winter inner wear techniques.

Tips on how to dress: 1. Choose a long coat that can cover your legs

A long coat has the advantage of high coverage that can cover even your legs.
short coats do not offer this advantage, so try to choose a long coat as much as possible during the cold season.

To wear a long coat in a well-balanced way, I recommend setting the coordination center of gravity high, such as layering with a shirt or the V-zone of an inner cardigan. In the event that you are looking for the best way to wear a long coat, it is best to use a long coat that is not too heavy. 
Also, the bright tone of the denim shirt plays a role in naturally drawing the eyes upward.

How to wear it (2) Knitwear with high heat retention properties is the best candidate. Choose the thickness to match your outerwear.

Knit sweaters are the most frequently used innerwear in this season.
Wool has excellent heat retention properties, and it adds to the cold resistance of a leather coat to raise the temperature inside.
Knitwear is much warmer than cotton rongeurs. The thickness of the fabric depends on the silhouette and warmth of the outerwear. If you are wearing an oversized coat with a large body width, choose a thicker knit in a low gauge.

Dressing tips 3): For long coats, wear skinny clothes that pick up the line of your legs to create a crisp look.

By using skinny jeans that pick up the line of your legs, you can make a long coat look more stylish.
I chose 34-inch skinny jeans instead of the usual 30-inch ones to increase the volume of the hemline and give the whole look a more relaxed feel.

In addition, by wearing sneakers on your feet, you can wear a coat and show off a sense of comfort and maturity.

Enjoy Fashion!