The sense of seasonality in early spring is created by the patterned shirts used as innerwear.

The sense of seasonality in early spring is created by the patterned shirts used as innerwear.

How to wear a patterned shirt in a well-balanced way?

Patterned shirts create a sense of fashionable styling and even motivate the wearer.
They raise the level of flamboyance, glamour, and stylish mood of the spring and summer seasons, which plain shirts do not have, and express a mood that is in sync with the mood of the day.

In this issue of "Pattern Shirts," we will introduce how to dress with STRUM's original dahlia-patterned shirts and make the most of their charm.

Tips on how to wear it ①: Blend the coloring into the styling to accentuate the cozy feel unique to patterned shirts.

One of the most effective ways to wear a patterned shirt smartly is to blend it with your styling by using color.

This technique, in which one color is selected from the base color (key color: black), assorted colors (blended color: gray), and accent color (emphasized color: blue) that make up the color scheme of a patterned shirt and matched with the colors of other items, enhances the sense of unity in the styling and gives a patterned look that cannot be achieved with solid color items. The shirt creates a sense of coziness that can only be achieved with shirts.

The key point is what colors to focus on, since the impression of the coordination will change depending on the colors you pick up and the items you choose to coordinate with them.

Dressing Tip #2: Become the star of a simple coordinate by using it as an innerwear!

Just by wearing a dahlia-patterned shirt, you can create a sense of the season, stylishness, and glamour at the same time. It is also a great item for visually expressing the mood of the day and raising motivation.

It has a high potential to make a statement as the star of a simple coordinate or to be used as an inner layer to create a fashionable and sophisticated look from within the styling.

It is also useful to refresh your impression and differentiate yourself from others by incorporating it into a standard coordinate, and to express more unique styling, use it as innerwear first.

It is especially suitable for the spring and summer seasons, but it is also perfect for coordinating this time of year, when there is a temperature difference between morning and evening.

Dressing Tip #3: Accessories Dahlia, with a hint of haziness in the Patterned shirt in a casual monotone coordinate

The dahlia print shirt is accentuated by the monotone SKINNY JOHN jeans and ALL BLACK sneakers, and a cap is worn backwards for a casual look.

The slightly loose base color of the dahlia print shirt and the sneakers are in sync, while the blue dahlia print, inserted as if to break the harmony, adds to the sense of fashion.

Enjoy Fashion!


Model: 178cm/55kg ・182cm/65kg

STL070-01DTA ( size M)

STC138-02 ( size M)

STJ002-SN04 (Wearing size 30 inches)