From March, we shift to dressing for spring!

From March, we shift to dressing for spring!

3 Optimal clothing changes after mid-month! Be aware of temperature changes, but wear spring clothes

From the chilly February, the temperature gradually begins to rise in March.
This is the season of seasonal changes, and we want to shift to spring attire, while choosing our outfits with attention to the temperature changes.

Suede leather shirts will be used not only as innerwear, but also as outerwear.
This time we will introduce SCARS that are perfect for inner and outer use.

Dressing Tips 1: Leather outerwear is a must this time of year!

In early March, temperatures in the mornings and evenings are similar to winter, but after the middle of the month, the maximum temperature often rises to over 20 degrees Celsius, and the temperature difference between day and night can be extreme, so we need to be more careful in coordinating our outfits.

Even if a leather rider is just right when you go out in the morning, it will be too hot during the day and you will have to cut corners on your coordination when you take off your outerwear. In order to avoid such a situation, it is essential to have an item that looks good even when you take off the innerwear as well.

Suede shirts, which can be used as innerwear for single riders, are easy-to-use items for this time of year.

Dressing tip 2: Choose a suede shirt that can be used as both innerwear and outerwear and is easy to layer.

The suede shirt: SCARS is one of the most dependable light outerwear for fall and spring.

The shirt has a simple face, but the four severed lines on the front are an accent detail that makes it a strong candidate for this season's coordinates.

The simple tailoring except for the pockets makes it easy to use, and it can be worn with a wide range of outfits as it can be worn with any innerwear and bottoms. With its perfect balance, this item can be used not only as an outer layer but also as an inner layer, making it a useful item for the coming season.

Dressing Tip (3): Wear it with a jacket. One rank lighter than midwinter is the right coordinate.

Although not as cold as midwinter, there is still a chill in early March. The right thing to do is to create a slight lightness in some areas.

In such a case, adding WHITE to the bottom and making it one rank lighter than in midwinter will complete the shift to spring, which is the theme of this issue.

Don't forget to link the suede shirt and engineer's material to create a sense of unity in the coordination.

Enjoy Fashion!