STRUM Style Sneaker Coordination Special! Part 2

STRUM Style Sneaker Coordination Special! Part 2

A good combination of sneakers What are the tips for

Sneaker combinations mix the essence of sports to achieve a sophisticated style.
Many people are still struggling to figure out what kind of sneakers to wear with what kind of bottoms.

In this issue, we will introduce tips on how to wear the latest"BLACK REVOLT 2" BLACK.

Dressing Tips 1: Bottoms color and the coloring of the sneakers to blend the impression.

One of the basic strategies for sneaker coordination that cannot be missed is to blend the impression of the sneakers by making them color-coordinated.

If you make a connection with the most visually appealing color in the coordination, the link between the bottoms and sneakers will be stronger, and you will not feel wild or uncomfortable.

For TIGHT JOE, which is slim and straight, choose a one-washed black color to link with the color of the sneakers.

Of course, it is important to balance the volume of the sneakers with the silhouette and length of the bottoms.

Full-length sneakers with a cushion at the hem will give you a loose look and a carefree impression.

Dressing Tip #2: Wear a pair of sneakers with a cushion at the bottom to create a loose look in a good sense. Include techniques to avoid looking plain while keeping the overall color scheme black.

This casual outfit is not only the bottoms and sneakers, but also the cap, all in black. While a uniform overall color scheme looks sophisticated, it tends to look plain.

The combination of salopettes and sneakers with a folded front part avoids looking plain. The use of a blue long tee as innerwear adds a splash of color.

By incorporating a little technique into the coordination, you can create a supremely stylish outfit.

For casual styling like this with salopettes, it's also possible to use rough hems. For bottoms with a loose silhouette or wide leg, creating a cushion at the hem with a full-length hem is a good idea!

Dressing Tip 3: Splash Processed white sole sneakers for a cozy look.

Matching faded white bottoms with white-soled sneakers is another way to coordinate colors, as described in Dressing Tip #1.
This time, choose a model with a splash finish for a different look.

The link with the " BURN OUT" processed leather rider is effective and makes it look even more fashionable.

For this coordinate, choose skinny jeans by SKINNY JHON that are narrow below the knee, and create a cushion at the hem for a rougher look.

Enjoy Fashion!


Model: 178cm/55kg

STL068-02 ( size M)

STL045-02 ( size M)

STL043-02 (Wearing size M)

STC115-03 ( size M)

STC140-01 ( size M)

STC147-01 (Size M)

STJ002-TS01 (Wear size 30 inches)

STC128-01 (Wear size M)

STJ002-SN02 (Wear size 30 inches)

STB007-01 (Wearing size 27cm)