Three layering coordinating techniques for open-collar shirts!

Three layering coordinating techniques for open-collar shirts!

Open-collared shirts give a cool and relaxed look to your outfits

Open-collared shirts can be worn directly over bare skin or as innerwear for riders, and are widely used in a variety of outfits outside of midsummer.

In this issue, we introduce three coordinated looks using open-collared shirts!

Dressing Tip 1: Use it as an inner lining for riders to create an accent effect.

If you are trying an open-collared patterned shirt for the first time, we recommend using it as an inner layer.
The key to a chic look is to reduce the visible area by wearing outerwear rather than wearing it alone.
The smaller area of the shirt also increases the accent effect of the pattern, making it the perfect item for creating a playful atmosphere.

Tucking in the hem of the shirt creates a gap between the beltline and the outer layer, making the legs look longer and giving a stylish impression.

Dressing Tip #2: Black T Matching is a layered style of iron plate!

Matching an open collar shirt with a black T is an ironclad layered style.
Wearing an open-collared shirt over bare skin may make you look too open or lightweight. By inserting a black T as a balancer, the openness can be moderated. A crew-neck T exposes relatively little skin, so it should be easy for adults to adopt.

Also, regardless of whether you choose a patterned or solid color, if you are going to wear it tucked out, choose a black T that is shorter than the shirt to make it look smart.

Dressing Tip #3: Wear a cardigan over the shirt. Avoid overdoing it by wearing a cardigan over the top. to avoid an overdone impression.

We recommend wearing a cardigan instead of a rider's jacket.
This item has a mild atmosphere, making it a perfect choice to neutralize the loudness of the patterned shirt.

By using the technique of picking up the color from the open-dot shirt and using black for everything except the cardigan, a cohesive styling can be completed. The key to a cohesive layered patterned shirt coordinate for adults is to create a sense of unity.

Enjoy Fashion!


Model: 178cm/55kg

STL067-05 ( size M)

STC147-01 (size M)

STC148-01 (Wearing size M)

STC137-01 (Wearing size M)

STC149-02 (Wearing size M)








STB006-01( Wearing size 27cm)