How to match and coordinate jeans and boots, edited by 1977 & SKNNY JHON

How to match and coordinate jeans and boots, edited by 1977 & SKNNY JHON

Jeans," a staple item for men's coordination, gives a different impression depending on the shoes to match.

Here are some tips on how to combine "jeans" and "boots," a staple item for men's coordination, by type.

This time, we'll be looking at the SKNNY JHON of STRUM JEANS and the 1977version.

Dressing Tip 1: Regular straight jeans with a cushion or two cushions on the hems of the boots for a good balance.

The advantage of using regular straight in a coordinate is that it can create a masculine, mature, and relaxed look with just the right amount of looseness.
Moreover, since it does not pick up the lines of the body, it is easy to incorporate without worrying about body shape, and it goes perfectly with creating a modern silhouette.

For a voluminous styling, it is best to balance the hem of the jeans with a cushion or two on the boots for a more sophisticated look.

Dressing Tip #2: Style up by combining SKINNY JHON, which tapers below the knee, with engineer boots.

SKINNY JHON blends easily with any top and gives a stylish and modish look with a subtractive nuance that refrains from assertiveness.

The same size as TIGHT JOE is the same size up to the crotch, but it becomes narrower below the knee, so we recommend adding engineer boots to your feet.
The tightness of the dress picks up the silhouette of the legs, so if you have O-shaped legs, this is a great technique to try, especially if you have O-shaped legs, as it will also enhance your style.

Dressing tip 3: Match SKINNY JHON with ALL BLACK sneakers

By combining the exact same size and the same type of SKINNY JOHN footwear introduced in the tips for dressing (2) with ALL BLACK sneakers, the impression and expression will change to a sporty and rough ROCK style at a stretch.

If you have been avoiding these jeans because they are too slim and draw attention to your calves, you can eliminate the difference between the thickness of your calves and ankles by slackening the hems of your jeans.

Also, by wearing ALL BLACK on the feet, the jeans are integrated with the body, which gives a leg-lengthening effect.

Enjoy Fashion!