Engineer "coveralls" with a masculine look

Engineer "coveralls" with a masculine look

What are the tips on how to wear an engineer's coverall?

Coveralls originated from mechanics' work clothes and are popularly known as "ties" or "all-in-ones. They are a rugged item with a rugged, masculine atmosphere synonymous with tough-looking work style.

In this issue, we will introduce you to STRUM JEANS' new " OVER DRIVE " line.

Dressing Tips 1: Exquisite Oversize Expressing a mischievous sense of men's coordination with

The engineer coveralls with large chest pockets and cankles in white, a waffle long T as innerwear, and a leather cap.

The loose bottoms of the model give the look a more mischievous feel, but the look is not overly formal or overdone.

When wearing a full set of coveralls, the area will be large, so accentuate the coordinating look with a wallet chain or bandana.

Dressing Tip #2: Riders to give a more masculine impression to the coverall coordinate.

Riders are the perfect outerwear for work jumpsuits.
The trick is to wrap the tops around the waist to give them a martial appearance, and then throw them on smoothly.

This item also has the duality of being able to be worn loose as it is.
Insert a waffle long T into the black coveralls for a more masculine and work-like look.

Dressing tip (3): Linking colors and genres brings a sense of unity to the coordination.

The black coveralls are wrapped around the waist with white stitching on the cannequins, and the soles of the boots are also white to give a contrasting detail that gives the outfit a more sophisticated look.

The waist-wrap style should be worn low on the waist to create a casual, rough, and cozy atmosphere.
Rolling up the hem is also recommended for a more unified look.

Enjoy Fashion!


Model: 182cm/65kg

STL045-02 ( size M)

STC141-01 (size M)

STJ004-OG01 ( size M)



STB006-01 (Wearing size 27cm)