2022-23 A/W COLLECTION-Replicant- outfits with DEVINE

2022-23 A/W COLLECTION-Replicant- outfits with DEVINE

Suede horsehide DEVINE from the recently announced collection(Divine) PICK UP!

From the 2022-23 A/W collection, which features burgundy as one of the accent colors to accentuate the dark winter tones, we present the " DEVINE ", which is back after a two-year absence. Divine This time, we will show you how to wear "DEVINE (DEVINE)" in burgundy, which is back for the first time in two years.

Dressing Tip 1: Choose burgundy as an accent if you aim to coordinate with your individuality.

Burgundy is the English name for the French word Burgundy.
The burgundy color is derived from the color of Burgundy wine produced in France. Although it is a red color, it has a darker tone, so it goes well with blue denim and black items, and above all, it is sure to create a unique look.
The burgundy DEVINE rider is the perfect choice for winter coordinates, where dark tones are the mainstay, to stand out from the rest.

Wearing such colored riders stylishly requires a certain technique, and it is essential to blend them into your styling without making them stand out.
It is effective to wear them with black or indigo items, which provide a good contrast, while maintaining the impact of the color. To wear smartly, it is important to balance the coloring of other items.

Dressing Tip #2: Match the innerwear with the riders. T Shirts are a staple of the standard! If you want to create a definite style, this is the one.

To wear colored riders in a fashionable manner while taking advantage of their unique characteristics, it is important to choose the right innerwear.

First of all, a T-shirt is a standard item to keep in mind.
The simpler the design, the more the wildness of the riders stands out, so a plain T-shirt is the best choice.
In particular, we recommend black, which is a standard color for T-shirts, because you can enjoy the contrast between the riders and the T-shirt, and it blends easily with any bottoms.

If you choose a black T-shirt and unify accessories such as a cap and boots with black, you will get both a rugged and relaxed look.
And don't forget to adjust the balance by introducing bright colors with indigo jeans.

Dressing Tip 3: Hose Make the most of suede's unique texture to create your own unique styling.

Suede is also a useful item for creating an emotional coordinate.
The unique texture and color of suede can be brushed up to your own unique style by leaving the blood streaks, some scratches, and uneven dyeing that are unique to horse suede, and the fur changes with age as it gets used more and more.

The front is a double rider with Raccagni zipper elements placed prominently, and the back has the luxury of being able to enjoy the unique horse suede look.

The final deadline for pre-orders for the 2022-23A/W COLLECTION-Replicant will be 24:00 on 2022.5.8(SUN).

Enjoy Fashion!

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