2022-23 A/W COLLECTION-Replicant- outfits with leather jacket BONO

2022-23 A/W COLLECTION-Replicant- outfits with leather jacket BONO

From the recently released collection, we present the Ezo Deer White-Tanned Leather Tailored Jacket: BONO.) from the recently released collection!

From the 2022-23 A/W collection, a new tailored jacket " BONO " made of Ezo deer, an ecological experiment.
Here are some tips on how to wear the leather jacket.

How to wear it ①: The new normal tailored jacket now has a casual feel that can be worn like a blouson.

With the arrival of the new normal, the position demanded of the tailored jacket, a necessity for the adult man, is changing.
The classic weekday-style jacket with a tied-up shirt and slacks has been replaced by a more casual jacket, which is the new position for the current Corona disaster.

For example, jackets that go well with T-shirts, casual shirts, and sneakers, as well as slightly more casual designs that can be worn off-duty as well.
This season, it is recommended to have a leather tailored jacket with a rough silhouette that can be used both off and on.

Dressing Tip #2: Use an inner layer Use a shirt that looks more mature and matured to make your outfit more sophisticated.

If you want to wear a leather tailored jacket with a mature look, a shirt is definitely the way to go.
Even if it is a casual denim shirt, the collared design of the shirt will give it a classy look.
Shirts are also easy to wear either tucked in or tucked out, allowing you to change the mood of your outfit according to your mood.

Even a casual denim shirt like the one worn in the photo can add elegance to a leather tailored jacket by matching it with darker colored rigid denim.
The darker the denim fabric, the more mature it looks, and the lighter the color with a used finish, the more casual it looks.

Dressing Tip (3): Differentiate yourself from others with a jacket that emphasizes the rough and rugged look of Ezo-deerskin.

Instead of the fluffy finish of deerskin, which is widely available in the market, we want to differentiate this jacket from other leather tailored jackets by emphasizing the rough and bony look typical of Ezo deerskin.

The hem of the jacket has a rough suede surface with nibs left on it without any backing treatment, creating a more masculine atmosphere.

The final deadline for pre-orders for the 2022-23A/W COLLECTION-Replicant will be 24:00 on 2022.5.8(SUN).

Enjoy Fashion!

     STRUM STAFF Ryoko

Model: 178cm/55kg

STL072-02 ( size M)

STJ003-OG03 (Wearing size M)

STJ002-TS01( Wearing size 30")