2022-23 A/W COLLECTION-Replicant- how to wear with Burning dyed FEVER

2022-23 A/W COLLECTION-Replicant- how to wear with Burning dyed FEVER

PICK UP the collared single rider: FIVER from the recently announced collection!

From the 2022-23 A/W collection, one of the faces of STRUM, Burning Dyed - Product Burning Dyed - " FIVER " is presented.

Here are some tips on how to wear the collared single riders, which have been re-released for the first time in a while.

Tips on how to wear it (1): A simple single rider's jacket coordinate that is picturesque in its casualness.

The potential of the collared single lider jacket is the reason why even a casual outfit with a denim shirt and jeans, which is a standard and ironclad style, can easily become a picture.

Because it is a leather jacket that has undergone the ultimate experience of Burning Dyed - product combustion dyeing - which can be called the face of STRUM, just by throwing it on top of a top, it instantly gives your outfit a mature and sexy atmosphere.

Dressing Tip #2: Wear it with a denim shirt. Reduce the chic look of the single-lider jacket coordinate by showing a glimpse of a denim shirt.

By showing a glimpse of the denim shirt worn under the rider's jacket from the neck and hem, the casual look of the single rider's jacket coordination is reduced by the casual feel of the used finish.

The combination of regular straight jeans and sneakers gives a fresh impression to the hard and rock-inspired single riders coordinate with a loose, playful, and hassle-free technique.
To create a more modern look, choose a more relaxed size with a more modern silhouette and add it to your coordination.

Wearing tip (3): Enjoy the color change over time that is unique to Burning Dyed

Above all else, this FIVER should be noted for its unique color variation and scorching caused by the one and only "Burning Dyed" process, but above all, you should enjoy your own color change over time.
The color of the fabric will darken with the oil from your hands when you touch it, and the color will change with time.

The color is lightly moistened during the dyeing process, resulting in a slight shrinkage, which makes the garment feel about half a size smaller than the standard size of STRUM's riders.

The natural grain and the tiger pattern peculiar to calfskin are also well defined.

2022-23A/W COLLECTION-Replicant-advance reservation will be closed at 24:00 on 2022.5.8(SUN).

Enjoy Fashion!

     STRUM STAFF Ryoko

Model: 178cm/55kg

STL067-04 ( size M)

STC003-OG01 (size M)

STJ002-RS02( Wearing size 30 inches)