Three reputable leather jacket models - Japan Oil Calf - JAY Edition

Three reputable leather jacket models - Japan Oil Calf - JAY Edition

One of the most popular leather jacket models from the 2022 S/S collection, "JAY" is now on sale! JAPAN oil calf PICK UP "JAY", one of the popular leather jacket models from the S/S collection!

We would like to introduce JAPAN Oil Calf "JAY ", a leather jacket with a particularly good reputation among STRUM's collection.

JAPAN Oil Calf JAY 's feature 1: New semi-single rider with front W zipper as an accent

This semi-single rider has a front zipper that, like the double rider, is closer to the right but at a gentler angle.
The collar is set 5mm higher than the SLATER, and the length is also longer with a rounded back like the RAVEN.
The greatest feature is the vertically aligned W (double) zipper, which accentuates the simplicity of the riders while making a design statement.

Like the other models, this one has gussets under the armpits, allowing for a wider range of arm motion, and is designed with comfort in mind while maintaining a tight appearance.

Characteristics of JAPAN Oil CalfJAY (1) The back center of the rider's jacket and the backbone of the calf are combined to create a "tiger pattern" that stands out.

The "tiger pattern," which is a wrinkle like a tiger that can only be found in calf (calf within 6 months of birth), is cut to match the center of the back of the riders.
(*Refer to the end of the BLOG for the image.

The zipper is made by RACCAGNI CHIUSURE LAMPO of Italy, and the top of the zipper is teardrop-shaped. The glittering zipper gives it a more stylish look.

Features of JAPAN Oil CalfJAY (3): Leather texture that allows you to enjoy its elegant luster, elasticity, and graininess

JAPAN calf leather is chrome-tanned in Japan.
The suppleness and durability of the chrome-tanned leather, as well as its elegant luster, elasticity and graininess, make this JAY even more attractive.

The size is a basic size M in STRUM's leather selection.
The Burning Dyed series, which we have introduced before, is half a size smaller than JAPAN Oil Calf, and the Pit-Tanned Shrunken Horse is half a size larger than JAPAN Oil Calf.

This is another point to be taken into consideration when making your choice.

Enjoy Fashion!

     STRUM STAFF Ryoko

Model: 178cm/55kg

STL069-01 (Wearing size M)

STC140-01 (Wearing size M)

STJ002-TS05 (Wearing size 32")