T-shirt designed as innerwear for leather jacket

T-shirt designed as innerwear for leather jacket

When it comes to innerwear to go with a leather jacket, T-shirts are the first choice! You can create a definite style.

When it comes to innerwear to go with leather jackets, T-shirts are a standard item to keep in mind. The simpler the design, the more the wildness of the riders stands out, and plain T-shirts are the best choice.
STRUM, a leather brand, will introduce T-shirts designed to go with leather jackets this time.

Crew neck T ①: The neck is curved, making it easy to create a soft and soft impression and cover up a slender body.

The crew neck is the most basic type of neckline, also known as a "round neck," which is a semicircle along the neckline.

The so-called "round-neck" type is called a crew neck, which originally comes from the sweaters worn by the crew of a ship. The neck is tight and is said to give a casual impression, and most of the T-shirts distributed in Japan have this type of neck.

The effect of crew-neck T-shirts is that the curved neck makes it easy to create a soft and soft impression and to cover up a slender figure because the neck is full and the top area appears large.

In addition, a slight disadvantage of a stuffy neck is that it tends to emphasize the face and make the face look bigger, but STRUM's crew-neck T has a wide opening, so this disadvantage can be avoided.

Specifically, those with small faces in relation to their height and shoulder width, and those with long necks can easily balance the neckline to create a soft and soft impression, and conversely, those with sharp and long faces are also recommended.

Characteristics ofV-neck T :. Sharp, clean look, and the impression it gives depends greatly on the depth of the V-shaped opening

This neck type has a V-shaped collar opening.
Compared to crew necks, this type gives a sharp, clean impression, and the impression it gives varies greatly depending on the depth of the V-shaped opening.

As a guideline for maintaining a clean impression, choose a neckline that is open enough to show your collarbone or not.

TheV-shaped design gradually widens around the neck to give a small face effect, and the clean neckline makes the neck look longer.

The V-shape design has the effect of balancing a round face, short neck, and stout upper body, and the vertical cutout in the neckline emphasizes the vertical line.

A V-neck on a slender upper body emphasizes the bony and vertical lines, making the slenderness stand out, so a shallow V-neck like STRUM's V-neck is recommended.

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     STRUM STAFF Ryoko

Model: 178cm/55kg

STL045-02 (size L)

STL045-07 (Wearing size L)

STC134-02 (Wearing size M)

STC134-03 (Wearing size M)

STJ001-TS02 (Wearing size 30 inches)